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Fast Facts

What is DBT?

DBT is a skills based treatment that looks to resolve symptoms that get in the way of a life worth living.


Who can benefit?

People with undercontrol symptoms can benefit from DBT. Symptoms include:

lack of control in emotional intensity

lack of control in relationships

instability in sense of self

chaotic coping

What do you learn?

You learn skills: 

  • Mindfulness: learn how to be in the moment that you are to solve problems effectively. 

  • Interpersonal Effectiveness: you learn how to communicate the way you intend to be heard. 

  • Emotion Regulation: learn to choose emotions by type, intensity, and duration.  

  • Distress Tolerance: learn how to get through situations without making them worse for you or others. 

  • Radical Openness: learn how to escape rigidity and fatalistic thinking & enhance flexibility. 

  • Walking the Middle Path: be able to shape yours' & others' behavior and move away from all or nothing thinking.  

How does it work?

Weekly, there are 3 basic components for students, and 1 for clinicians. Click for a description. 

  • Individual Therapy: once weekly, and covers 6 main components

  • Skills Class: Each module is 6 weeks for Adolescent Classes, & 7 weeks for Adult classes. Classes are 90-120 minutes.

  • Skills Coaching: 24/7 coaching helps change behavior before unwanted outcomes occur.

  • Team Consultation: Effective practitioners are intensively trained & required to engage in weekly team meetings.

How do I get started?

Call 770.833.0227 or email for a consultation. You will be invited to attend a skills class on the house, and will get an opportunity to interview the clinicians to find your right fit. 

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