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Swine Flue, Covid-19,  & Avian Flu update:

The CDC guidelines for staying safe during Covid-19 can be found HERE.

EVERY YEAR, During flu season, we spray alcohol and Lysol daily on door handles and frequent touchables. We also spray Lysol through the entire airspace daily. In addition, we run the IQAIR. Read about it HERE.

ATLANTA DBT follows the school guidelines for Dekalb & Gwinnett counties. When they are closed due to inclement weather, we are too. Currently, schools have moved to online classes for the time being, through the 20th. Therefore, we are offering both options to our patients.  


Until further notice, we will be utilizing telemedicine via the ZOOM platform; to do so, please follow the next two steps:

  1. Download the app.

  2. Email Minal at to let her know which skills class you will ZOOM into. (Tuesday DBT, Thursday RO-DBT, or Friday Family) 

Individual sessions and skills classes will continue at their regularly scheduled times, with no disruption in continuity of care. 

We look forward to helping you skillfully navigate current environmental stressors using distress tolerance skills during this time. 

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